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Good Morning Friends and Colleagues,

Happy Friday!
We are so thrilled our Friday night meeting has been a success and a welcome addition to the South OC Recovery community. Last week we had over 30 clients moving breathing and sharing 12 step fellowship. We will be here this Friday and every Friday moving forward. We are so grateful for those of you who have attended and helped spread the word……….. keep coming back! For those of you who have not been able to make it we hope to see you soon! We are so grateful to Dharma Yoga House for sharing their beautiful space with us to offer this healing practice. If you are unfamiliar with Dharma Yoga House their philosophy is below:

Dharma Yoga House invites ALL to share in it’s offerings. The studio is run solely by donation which allows ALL students to practice regardless of their financial situation. We trust that God/ The Universe/ The Divine will handle all the details… those who need to just throw in a few dollars will be able to practice… and those who are living in financial abundance will contribute more… it all works out in the end. We are also a studio that welcomes ALL regardless of- race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief. We believe in equality and our religion is LOVE.